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The Only Sales Guide You'll Ever Need

The Only Sales Guide You'll Ever Need

I doubt that this is the "Only Sales Guide You'll Ever Need". The book is basically a complilation of themes and messages from other books. The book does have footnotes and references other books. The book by itself is not that great. However with the list of references and the ability to skim the subjects from the references in the book, it's easy to find other books that might interest or help you.

This is a great book to read if you are looking for information from other sales books. Most of the other books referenced are very good. There are a lot of sales books in the market, this book best serves as a reference of which books are decent.

Should you buy this? If you are new to sales or interested in learning, this is not a bad book. Treat it more like a reference to other books and decide which ones you want to read. That is where the true value is in this book. It's like a map that can lead you to read great sales books!